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Started by Gitta Wigro // Teacher
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Gitta Wigro // Teacher
The Breathing Archive - workshop with Anouk Llaurens

10 June 2018, 11:00-17:00, Independent Dance
What if dance artists apply their skills to document their own practice? What kind of documentation could emerge from such an approach?

Many of you in the IDOCDE world will have come across Belgian artist Anouk Llaurens before. She will be leading a one-day workshop exploring these questions at Independent Dance (London, UK) this June.
Anouk’s research “is not about ‘knowledge production’, accumulating and capitalising knowledge, but about the process and activity of learning, and maybe unlearning.”
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If you need a place to stay in London, we can put you in touch with artists who have a spare sofa or room to share!

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