Documenting what is in a flux

Ulla Mäkinen finalizing this text in the Research Group meeting - another sudden shift from witnessing the landscape in the icy North into picking organic oranges in Southern Turkey, and from having Skype meetings into talking and dancing together in person; invites us to reflect more on documentation practices and hints few new ideas within the REFLEX project and the 4th IDOCDE Symposium for the Summer. More on this months editorial.

Food For The Day
How to materialise a visual experience ?
By Anouk LLaurens
How do we document touch in dance?
By Gabriele Wittmann
What happened to the knowledge documented & stored in alexandria?
By Defne Erdur

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Impulztanz 2015. Symposium Teaching Form (less). Experiences...
The Symposium in Vienna was an intense experience full of exchange of informations, challenges and surprises. I felt a positive atmosphere where the people were available to share and lear...
By Andrea Amaro da Silveira Maciel Eligible Teacher    2015.08.03    6    1086

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poem written after attending sharing teaching residency NO.2...
refers to the moon – practice two groups in the two halves of the space, each group is divided again into a performing group and a audience group, the...
By [Multiple Creators]    2015.07.28    2    1041

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Reflections on our open class at the 3rd IDOCDE Symposium
In this doc we are reflecting on our class, we ask each other questions about: co-teaching relation to the topic of the symposium: form(less) how did the class work.
By [Multiple Creators]    2015.08.07    2    981

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A Conversation about the application of the Feldenkrais Meth...
This IDOC documents a Conversation with Georg Blaschke about the application of the Feldenkrais Method to choreography, movement research and performance. It is part of the Bachelor work of...
By Georg Blaschke    2012.08.14    0    984

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In Move me-nt
A short articulation of what interests me and how are my choreographic, performative and pedagogic approaches inevitably intertwined.
By Anja Bornsek    2012.07.20    3    1359

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Conceptualising of documentation
The Hamburg key-teacher groupe of IDOCDE tried to structure the large spectrum of documentation in form of questions. We would like to invite everybody to complete our reflections
By [Multiple Creators]    2012.05.18    7    1367

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Food for the Day
A flavourful, early morning, breakfast-time treat of tuning awareness, welcoming weight, and attending to sensation; taking time and making space as we immerse ourselves in movement and get...
By [Multiple Creators]    2016.05.09    0    51

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The Kitchen Table is a setting for an open discussion about any topic (in this case about the Importance of Being [Un]Necessary), but with a rule set to create a performance out of the ordin...
By [Multiple Creators]    2016.05.09    0    57

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The Legacy Project Premiere
The Legacy Project; what is to become a publicly available collection of video documents made by individual participants documenting lineages of valuable lessons learned.
By [Multiple Creators]    2016.05.09    0    57