The Cassiopeia score and other matters; power, pedagogy, and the imparting of knowledge (Sept 2018)

This month's Editorial reflects on the current political climate in an attempt to contextualise the heart of this Editorial, which is a discussion on power, pedagogy, and the imparting of knowledge had by Defne Erdur, Nicolas Hubert, and pavleheidler following their experiences of participating at the MTD Residency earlier this summer.

With this Editorial, team IDOCDE wishes you everything you need to manage your seasonal transition into the new academic year!

pavleheidler for Team IDOCDE



With the IDOCDE Editorials we wish to bring you the most recent updates and news from across Europe on a monthly basis. Writers of the Editorials are MINDTHEDANCE researchers coming from IDOCDE's partner-institutions and Team IDOCDE aka Staff Members. Each month a different person takes the initiative to write about the state of their research, most recent ongoings in their homelands relating to any topic that might influence the life of a dancer. These might include updates regarding the socio-economic, or political climate, institutional or freelance opportunities or the lack thereof, etc. We hope you'll find your way to the IDOCDE Editorial.

Food For The Day
Does this document refer to the past, or head to the future?
By Sabina Holzer
What happened to the knowledge documented & stored in alexandria?
By Defne Erdur
What is more worthwhile: the document i created or the act of documenting?
By Barbara Meneses Gutierrez

Featured IDOCs
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My glossary of personal terminology
A personal glossary created during Mind The dance residence in Vienna, July 2018, inspired by "Glossary of personal Terminology" by Bertha Bermudez Pascual / Mind The Dance publication
By [Multiple Creators]    2018.07.27    1    183

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Questions which arrised during the MTD Residency BODIES AS R...
During the 3 days of our residency we created questions from our writings, embodyments and dancings.
By [Multiple Creators]    2018.07.30    0    199

Mind the Dance

MIND THE DANCE is a collection of essays, manuals, scores, exercises, and maps; giving voice to a multitude of stances, ideas, and applications in and around documenting movement. It aims to motivate and empower the reader-teacher-artist to use creative documenting to enhance their teaching and artistic practice.

Latest IDOCs
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Master Thesis Exposè
MA-Thesis for the Middle European Interdisciplinary master programme of Cognitive Science (MEi: CogSci); Supervisor: Arno Böhler
By Christina Regorosa Eligible Member    2018.09.20    0    23

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Blog as a medium of documentation - MTD Lab Vienna 2018
Blogging about the experience I had during the Mind the dance Lab in Vienna, July 2018.
By Johanna Henritius    2018.09.16    1    44

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TOUCHING THE (NOT) TOUCHING - Documentation Symposium 2017
As part of "why compromise. mind the dance." 5th IDOCDE Symposium on Contemporary Dance Education July 28 - 30, 2017 at ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival.
By Martin Streit Eligible Member    2018.09.02    0    76