dear members,
the 2020 IDOCDE symposium has come to an end. Team IDOCDE will embark on a post-production journey... just s soon s we’ve gotten enough sleep.
for now, a brief but heartfelt expression of our gratitude—to all contributors, hosts, volunteers, and attendees—for the most informative of weeks. the wealth of knowledge present in the community is admirable.
for all the symposium attendees, if you would be so kind and complete the sympoisum feedback survey, we would really appreciate that. you can access the survey by following this link. thank you.
it was an honour to have been invited to spend this time with each and every one of you.
thank you. thank you. thank you.
pavleheidler for Team IDOCDE

Food For The Day
Tanz oder gar nicht ?
By Dieter Rehberg
What are you looking at?
By Andrea Keiz
How do I document in writing without loosing the intangible and the unspoken potential of a body in a learning situation?
By Kerstin Kussmaul

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Here is where you can find the 2020 IDOCDE symposium schedule visualised.
By Pavle Heidler Eligible Member    2020.07.14    0    511

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2020 IDOCDE symposium documentation
in this document find the list of FOLDERS relating to the documentation of the 2020 IDOCDE symposium MAKING PLACE TAKING SPACE
By Pavle Heidler Eligible Member    2020.07.21    0    690

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opening agreements 2020 IDOCDE symposium
this speech was read at the beginning of the assembly that opened the 2020 IDOCDE symposium MAKING PLACE TAKING SPACE.
By Pavle Heidler Eligible Member    2020.07.21    2    488

symposium regrstration is now open

Mind the Dance

MIND THE DANCE is a collection of essays, manuals, scores, exercises, and maps; giving voice to a multitude of stances, ideas, and applications in and around documenting movement. It aims to motivate and empower the reader-teacher-artist to use creative documenting to enhance their teaching and artistic practice.

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Mini-étude about how a video delineating a drawing becomes a score for a new dance interpretation. Dance transfers its sensations and feelings in time and space through documentation: fro...
By [Multiple Creators]    2020.09.24    0    51

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A world of nostalgia. Future memories / Symposium 2020 Un...
Here you can find the version in english and spanish. Aquí puedes encontrar la versión en inglés y español. This script was thought to be given in a one to one dynamic. Este guión fu...
By Laura Rios    2020.09.22    0    35

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Recollection of the composition workshop I guided during the 11th edition of the Warsaw CI Flow International Dance Festival. Composing the body-ies, composing the space’s observatory is a...
By Anouk LLaurens Eligible Member    2020.09.12    0    121