"WORLD, what now? How to be? How to become? Present. Future.”

Asks in our latest editorial Sabina Holzer -another creative member of Reflex EUROPE Research Group; warming us up for responding to the Call for Proposals for the 5th idocde Symposium, that is actually a call to action… Here we go 2017; ready or not, here we come!

Food For The Day
How do we document touch in dance?
By Gabriele Wittmann
How do I document in writing without loosing the intangible and the unspoken potential of a body in a learning situation?
By Kerstin Kussmaul
What are you looking at?
By Andrea Keiz

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The Use of Uselessness - Documentation
The Use of Uselessness - Documentation. IDOCDE 2016 began with a participatory ritual, a Slow Race with little buckets filled to the brim with water. This was followed by a performance l...
By Claudia Kappenberg    2016.11.10    0    212

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Somatic Generosity - Documentation
Somatic Generosity aims to make a place for explorations of vulnerability, empathetic listening and subjective awareness. Being witnessed in vulnerability grows our ability to experience and...
By Deirdre Morris    2016.11.09    0    203

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Capacity of language - Interview with Frey Faust
As part of the REFLEX research on documenting contemporary dance, Ulla Mäkinen will interview Frey Faust and discuss his work with Axis Syllabus and his approach to documenting. This inte...
By [Multiple Creators]    2016.05.05    0    636

Symposium 2016 Opening Score Informed by the developments in the world of socio-politics – and the cultural attention that goes along with it – we at the IDOCDE headquarters decided it was time to frame our annual Call for Proposals as a Call for Action. This decision is to address the theme of the 5th IDOCDE Symposium : why compromise. mind the dance. : promoting actions and creative visions in a precarious world. Proposals welcomed before the 15th of February, 2017.

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Hunting & Gathering - Storytelling Towards Creating Peforman...
This score was given to the participants of ImPulsTanz workshop "Hunting & Gathering" directed by Defne Erdur in 2012. "Storytelling is the social and cultural activity of sharing stories...
By Defne Erdur Eligible Teacher    2017.01.20    0    24

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Sex & Space – Conscious Sexuality Practices in Contemporar...
lecture and discussion with David Bloom
By [Multiple Creators]    2017.01.06    0    65