Food For The Day
How can documentation create a space to act?
By Sabina Holzer
Website Exploration
By Martin Streit
Where does the individual story start?
By Sabina Holzer

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Impulztanz 2015. Symposium Teaching Form (less). Experiences...
The Symposium in Vienna was an intense experience full of exchange of informations, challenges and surprises. I felt a positive atmosphere where the people were available to share and lear...
By Andrea Amaro da Silveira Maciel Eligible Teacher    2015.08.03    6    1182

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poem written after attending sharing teaching residency NO.2...
refers to the moon – practice two groups in the two halves of the space, each group is divided again into a performing group and a audience group, the...
By [Multiple Creators]    2015.07.28    2    1133

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Reflections on our open class at the 3rd IDOCDE Symposium
In this doc we are reflecting on our class, we ask each other questions about: co-teaching relation to the topic of the symposium: form(less) how did the class work.
By [Multiple Creators]    2015.08.07    2    1074

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A Conversation about the application of the Feldenkrais Meth...
This IDOC documents a Conversation with Georg Blaschke about the application of the Feldenkrais Method to choreography, movement research and performance. It is part of the Bachelor work of...
By Georg Blaschke    2012.08.14    0    1078

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In Move me-nt
A short articulation of what interests me and how are my choreographic, performative and pedagogic approaches inevitably intertwined.
By Anja Bornsek    2012.07.20    3    1461

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Conceptualising of documentation
The Hamburg key-teacher groupe of IDOCDE tried to structure the large spectrum of documentation in form of questions. We would like to invite everybody to complete our reflections
By [Multiple Creators]    2012.05.18    7    1448

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Work to be Discovered - Interview with Nancy Stark Smith
As part of the REFLEX research, the focus of this conversation is on the importance of Contact Quarterly in the development of Contact Improvisation; both in terms of teaching & learning/ p...
By Defne Erdur Eligible Teacher    2016.06.23    0    25

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Tanz ist. (7): Die eigene Freiheit behaupten und gleichzeiti...
Tanz ist (7): Die eigene Freiheit behaupten und gleichzeitig die Freiheit aller anderen schonen. Vorbereitung und Reflexion einer Anfänger Klasse einer 4 Einheiten umfassenden Workshop Seri...
By Sabina Holzer Eligible Teacher    2016.06.01    0    88

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Contemporary dance and Feldenkrais
The IDOC I present here is a documentation of a workshop I taught in Puebla, Mexico. The topic of the workshop was to provide an entrance to contemporary dance technique through individual m...
By Gina Battistich    2016.06.01    0    82