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Forum Freedom French Fundamentals Gabriele Wittmann Gaga Gehen Group relations Hands-on Health Hip Hop Humour Hybrid practices IDOCDE Symposium IDOCDE forum IDOCDE website Identity Ideokinesis Imgard Bartenieff Impulstanz Impulstanz 2015 Impulstanz 2016 Inclusive Company Integrated dance Intention Interviews Introduction Intuition Investigation Jack Gallagher Jenny Beyer Joy K3 Proposal Karl Popper Key Words Kitchen Table LEAP LEAP Symposium LEAP meeting Laban/Bartenieff Layers Lecture Lecture-Performance Legacy Project Liquid Matrix Lisa Nelson Live Documentation Live intervention Local meeting MINDTHEDANCE Makko Ho Matthew Smith Media Meridian stretches Michael Obrist Mindfulness Mixed Abilities Modern Dance Motion Motivation Movement Analysis Movement Research NYC Nei Kung Nothing Observation Older Adults Opening Organ support Outdoor Outreach Panel Parkour Partner Work People Performance Tactics Performativity Photography Physical Theater Physical Work Physical involvment Poetic documentation Poetic feedback Postmodernism Process Proposal: Psoas connection REFLEX Reading Recording Reflections Reflex Track Release Class Report Resistance Fantasies Risk Role Sabina Holzer Scenic Investigation Science Sensing Shiatsu Sketches Slothing Somatic Somatic Costumes Somatic Movement Somatic Technic Somatics' sharing Somatics performance Somex Space Spielen Stolzenhagen Student Student Feedbacks Subversive Surprise yourself Swiss LEAP-meeting Symposium 2016 Symposium 2017 Symposium program Systems Theory TAB TTT Talk Tango Argentino Tanzgeschichte Tanztechnik Teaching Beginners Teaching Form[less]? Teaching Form|less Teaching Notes Teaching Online Teaching Practice Teaching research Teaching strategies Technique class Terminology Test The Symposium Theory Therapeutic Tomas Danielis Training Transparency Treasure Hunt Tuning scores Tunning scores Values Vibrations Video Vienna Vigorous Visual media Voice Vortrices Wahrnehmen Water movement Why compromise Work Platform Workflow Yoga perspective action adults aerial dance affectual threshold aftermath age aging aikishintaiso alignment amateurs ambient music amoebas anatomy animals appreciation approximation arabesque architecture art articulation artist artistic research artistic source arts assessment atelier attitude audience behavior audio authenticity authentic movement automatic writing autonomy awareness axis syllabus balance ball ballet ballet companies ballet company ballet education bar exercises beginner level beginnings belief systems birds body body awareness body consciousness body instincts boys breathing capoeira chance children choreo-lab choreographic choreography choreography lab circle circulation circus citizenship class class description class documentation classes club dance co-authorship co-teaching co-teatching coaching coexistence collaboration combined techniques common authorship common good communal complicity composition composition class composition workshop compromise computers conciousness conference connection connections constellation contact contactimprovisation contemporary contemporay dance copy copyright crazy creating reality creation creative creative commons creative dance creative process creativity cross-cultural cultural studies daily training dance dance analysis dance dissemination dance documentation dance education dance ethnography dance history dance improvisation dance language dance organizations dance style dance video dancing sculpturing data interpretations decision making decisions democracy desription dialogue digesting digital tools discussion disorder documentary documentation documenting dramaturgy drawing dream duet duration dynamics eating disorder ecriture automatique elderly embodiment empathy energy ensemble epic essence essentials ethics etymology exchange exercices exercises experiential anatomy experiment experimental experimental anatomy exquisite corpse extempore facia facilitation fascia feedback feld72 fiction fields finding finger dance floor bar floor work fluidity flv fun functional movement games general public generating movement graphic art group group behavior group exchange guideline habits hand balancing head hermeneutic hierarchy higher education highlighted space history horizontality horton hybridization idocde image imagination impressions improvisation improvisation class improvisation score improvisation scores influences inquiry inspiration instant-choreography instant composition institutions intangible integration interaction interdisciplinary intermediate level internet interview invasive species isolation jooga kinesthetics knowledge laboratory laboratory work landscape language learning learning form lengthening strength life light limitations lineage linguistics literature local workshop look makers mapping mediation medical meeting memory mentally disabled mentoring meta-academy metaphor methodology methods mind mooss motion capture mouvement movement movement exploration movement integration movement learning moving-talking moving image multi-culturalism multitasking muscular alignment music myoreflex narrative nature nature elements networking non-dancers non proffesional not teaching open form opening lecture operating system oral tradition organization organs own practice parkinson's participative partnering partners partnerwork password reset patterns pedagogy perception performance performative performative event performers performing persona personal personal competence personal experience perspective philosophy photo photos physical awareness physicality physical practice physiology piece play playfulness poetry pole dance politics posthumanism posture potential practice pragmatic preparation pre school presentation preventative effects principles program proposal propositions psoas public space queer theory questions reaction reception recycling reflection reflexes reflex europe regeneration relationship relationships relaxation method release technique releasing technique repertory research responsibility resting returns revisited techniques rhetorics rules sacrum salsa school score scores sculpting self evaluation selfportrait self reflection self research sensorial sequencing sexuality shared teaching sharing sharing methods sheets silence site site-specific social body social justice society sociology soft activism software solo somatic education somatic practices somatics somatic sensation sound sourcing movement specific spine spirales spiritual dance staying available stories story street observation strength student evaluation students study lesson subjectivity support surfing surrealism surrender sweat symposium symposium activity symposium proposal tagesordnung tango tantra task difficulty teacher teachers teaching teaching children teaching experience teaching job teaching learning teaching methods teaching questions teaching reflection teaching residency teaching together technique techno technology teenagers tensegrity texts theater the dancer the doors time time awareness timing togetherness tool box tools touch trademark training initiative trans-media transformation translation transmission tree true statements tuning ultimate phrase unlearning video documentation viewpoints visual field voice recorder voice work warm-up warm up warmup water website websites weight words work workshop worms writing yoga youth
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Meeting Shona Dunlop MacTavish
Shona Dunlop MacTavish is a NZ dancer and choreographer who learned and danced with Gertrud Bodenwieser in the 1930ies in Vienna, and then worldwide, when the company fled Nazi-Aus...
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By Kerstin Kussmaul Eligible Member
3 appreciations    528 views

auditioning, yes. but under which conditions?
a meditation on the topic of auditioning.
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By Pavle Heidler Eligible Member
1 appreciation    517 views

The Significance of Sharing
With DaPoPa (Danse Pour Parkinson), choreographer Clint Lutes invites people with and without Parkinson’s Disease to move together
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By Clint Lutes Eligible Member
2 appreciations    470 views

Political Breathing, a practical philosophy for living relations
By what methodologies do we learn to move politically? The political in dance is found in choreographic labor that arises out of experience and is manifest in principles of practic...
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By Carol Brown
2 appreciations    320 views

Mind The Dance Vienna 2018: Documenting/translating a physical ex...
During the MTD Lab in Vienna on July 21st 2018, Anouck Llaurens and Sabina Holzer guided us (the participants) to what I will define as a breathing, crumpling and moving journey....
user avatar
By Gwen Rakotovao
4 appreciations    408 views

Revisting the first day of MIND THE DANCE LAB VIENNA
To start the second day in the MIND THE DANCE LAB Sabina Holzer did a guided memory to reconnect to the shared experience of the first day.
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By [Multiple Creators]
0 appreciations    374 views

MIND THE DANCE LAB VIENNA - Sabina Holzer & Anouk Llaurens
Program for MTD Lab Vienna - ImPulsTanz Festival 2018 - 21.07. + 22.07.2018
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By [Multiple Creators]
0 appreciations    300 views

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