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stephanie auberville
Currently based: bruxelles, BEL
Works as: dancer, choreographer, teacher, dramaturge, author
Key interests: dance, dramaturgy, improvisation, feminism(s), writing

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Sarah Konner
Currently based: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Works as: Dance artist, movement educator, improviser
Key interests: Contact Improvisation, teaching, performance

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Lior Lazarof
Currently based: Budapest, HUN
Works as: Choreographer, Dancer, Dance Educator
Key interests: movement

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Nelly Hakkarainen
Works as: dancer, dance teacher, pilates instructor
Key interests: contemporary dance, education, transdisciplinarity, sitespecific performance

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Carol Brown
Currently based: Auckland, NZL
Works as: Dancer, choreographer, researcher.
Key interests: Inter-disciplinary collaborations; feminist & queer theory and architecture.

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Patrick Gaïaudo
Currently based: Nantes, FRA
Works as: dance artist, teacher, researcher, lecturer in dance and philosophy of art, Art School (Le Mans FR)
Key interests: Improvisation and composition, experiential anatomy Somatic movement, visual arts, CI, Dance Studies

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Manuela Runge
Currently based: Zürich, CHE
Works as: dance teacher, choreographer, dancer, performer, theaterpädagoga,
Key interests: Choreograph, Contemporary dance, Mixedabilities, Improvisation, young children, teenager, Senioren..

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Silvia Marchig
Currently based: Zagreb, HRV
Works as: Dance and performance artist, dance teacher
Key interests: Cultivating and articulating the awareness of the present and presence

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Laura Unger
Currently based: Vienna, AUT
Works as: dancer, choreographer, dance historian
Key interests: (dance) archives, folk dance+nationalism, biographic narratives, institutional critique