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Christopher-Rasheem McMillan
Currently based: New Haven, USA
Works as: Assistant Professor of Dance/Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology and Live Art, Yale University
Key interests: Body Theology, Choreographic Practices, American Religious Culture, Practice Based Research

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Sonia York-Pryce
Currently based: Gold Coast, AUS
Works as: dance researcher, film maker, writer
Key interests: ageing, performance, older professional dancers, dance films

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Lacina Coulibaly
Currently based: New York, USA
Works as: Dancer, choreographer, artistic director, guest lecturer at Yale University
Key interests: Dance as a way of embracing, celebrating, enlightening life

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Liza Futerman
Currently based: Beer Sheva, ISR
Works as: Poet, Dancer, Teacher, Researcher
Key interests: Somatic experience literacy & education, sexuality, wellbeing, authentic movement

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Federica Fratagnoli
Currently based: Nice, FRA
Works as: Associate Professor in dance, University Côte d'Azur
Key interests: explicitation of internal physical perception, somatics, indian dance, improvisation

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Sasha Portyannikova
Currently based: Berlin
Works as: choreographer and cofounder in dance cooperative Isadorino Gore,teacher and researcher
Key interests: dance as a communicative toolunfamiliar dance heritage

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Tru Paraha
Currently based: Auckland, NZL
Works as: choreographer, researcher, poet
Key interests: astrochoreography, performance writing, speculative fiction

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Ira Ferris
Currently based: Sydney, AUS
Works as: Dancer, video artist, poet, dance writer and podcaster
Key interests: Body and Environment

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Laura Geiger
Currently based: Sankt Olof, SWE
Works as: Somatic Movement Practitioner, Facilitator of Theatre for Embodied Change, Nervous System Educator
Key interests: interpersonal somatics, embodied mysticism, theatre

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Marcela Ponce
Currently based: México, MEX
Works as: Choreographer, Feldenkrais practitioner, dancer...
Key interests: Somatic education, sociology in dance, creative process, writing