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sylvia rijmer
Currently based: Lisbon, PRT
Works as: Performer / Teacher of Contemporary Dance and Classical Ballet
Key interests: Dance Academics / Somatic Practices / Creative Learning Tools / Teaching Strategies

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Sabrina ┼Żeleznik
Currently based: Skopje, MKD
Works as: Performer, researcher, teacher
Key interests: Somatic practices, improvisation, composition

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Gregory Scott
Currently based: New York, NY, USA
Works as: Philosopher of dance; Argentine tango teacher (privately)
Key interests: Philosophy of dance; pedagogy; dance history

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Anatoli Vlassov
Currently based: Paris, FRA
Works as: danser, choreographer, film maker, teacher and author
Key interests: danse voice language

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Lilach Livne
Currently based: Jaffa, ISR
Works as: independent artist, delaing with choreography, dance, philosophy, healing
Key interests: new community, expanded dance, space between the body & its image, transceding, the abstract

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Jaakko Toivonen
Currently based: Rotterdam, NLD
Works as: Freelance choreographer, dancer and dance teacher
Key interests: partnering

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Adriana Enache
Currently based: Bucharest, ROM
Works as: performer, writer
Key interests: performance, theory, literature, language, perspective, religion, somatics

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Ilya Vidrin
Currently based: London, GBR
Works as: Dance Instructor, PhD Student
Key interests: Contact Improvisation, Latin/Ballroom, Classical Ballet, Embodied Cognition

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hyungwoo kwon
Currently based: Berlin, DEU
Works as: Choreographer/ Educator
Key interests: the innate flow connecting through body and mind

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JoAnna Mendl SHaw
Currently based: New York City, USA
Works as: Choreographer, Educator
Key interests: Dance, Improvisation, Choreography