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Bernard Wells // User
Skoda Dance Radio / CD Player problems


I've got a 2009 (59) Fabia 1.2. The CD player has always had problems with burnt CDs (both CD-Audio and mp3 CDs) - DISK ERROR message almost all the time. Also, it won't play store-bought (pressed) CDs until it is warm in the car and only intermittently then.
I took it into my Skoda dealer a couple or times and they said it should only play pressed
CDs. I allowed myself to be easily put off by this as I should have insisted they replace the unit or replaced it myself and taken them to small claims court to get reimbursement.
However, that's all too late now I think as it's out of the 3 year warranty period.
I've used a CD Cleaning disk.
Has anyone else had problems ? Resolved them ?
Any advice much appreciated.

Please help.

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