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Started by Defne Erdur Eligible Member // Teacher
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Defne Erdur Eligible Member // Teacher
CALL : CI as a Research Paradigm (CIRP) Meeting

Call for expression of interest in participating in the first
Contact Improvisation as a Research Paradigm (CIRP) Meeting

Atelier de Paris / Centre de développement chorégraphique national
24-26 March 2018

The CIRP meeting will gather a small number (30-40) of participants to understand and discuss, develop and practice Contact Improvisation (CI) as a research paradigm. CI is a dance practice that involves, to a large degree, the investigation of possibilities, forms and principles regarding the ways we move, interact, and practice art. It is not a closed form, and this quality of inquiry is present in classes, jams, and meetings. CI has merged (or has the potential to) with other forms of investigation in areas like somatics, theatre, psychology, etc.. More formal academic research (scientific, philosophical, etc..) also has the potential to interact or integrate with CI as a research paradigm.

The CIRP meeting is a unique event that aims to explore CI, from within, as a research paradigm.
A research paradigm is defined by different aspects: its ontology, epistemology and methodology. We are interested in the realities that CI brings forth, how knowledge is constructed and shared, and the methods and practices that can be used. This means that improvisation will underlie the meeting at all levels, from the structure (how we organise rooms, people, actions), to the practices and questions addressed. CIRP is not a festival, not a symposium, not a conference, yet with elements of all of those. It’s a meeting of theory and practice, with the emphasis on the later. Rather than simply being about improvisation, it is also the event itself that is being improvised.

The guiding theme of the meeting will be “improvising the body”: how the practice of improvisation is a tool for rethinking, reimagining, reshaping or informing the notion or concept of body (understood both literally and metaphorically as in ‘body of knowledge’). We thus welcome research interest from all areas of science, humanities, the arts and philosophy, and not necessarily placed in an academic context.

We are delighted to have Lisa Nelson (USA) participating in the event (following her 2 week master class at the Atelier de Paris)

We ask potential participants to begin their involvement with CIRP by completing an “expression of interest” form here: The event is geared towards persons with experience in research on, or through, Contact Improvisation. If in doubt, write to us.

The form contains a short bio and a paragraph in which you describe what your current interests are and how you think you could contribute to / benefit from the meeting. We encourage you to make a concrete proposal for the event. These proposals will help us shape the event, though they might not actually be programmed as such.

Deadline for applications is January 2nd 2018. We hope to be able to confirm the list of participants by February 10th.
If you have problems with the form please contact:
Participation in CIRP is free thanks to the support of the Paris CI community (through the Exploration Spherique association), the ARTS H2H labex ( and the Atelier de Paris.
Some travel funds will be available. Accommodation needs to be arranged individually but we will help find local hosts.

Facilitation group:
Alice Godfroy, Asaf Bachrach, Carlos Herrera, Defne Erdur, Ella Ben-Aharon, Joe Dumit, Jurij Konjar, Malcolm Manning, Matthieu Gaudeau, Romain Bigé

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