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Started by Eszter Gal Eligible Member // Teacher
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Eszter Gal Eligible Member // Teacher
MIND THE DANCE lab Outokumpu, Finland

The art of documenting dance teaching and artistic practice

We would like to invite you to take part at the two day MIND THE DANCE lab, taking place in Outokumpu, Finland, on 29-30.1.2018.

The practice of documenting can have an impact on the teaching and on the learning and it is something that can be learnt. Knee-deep in documentation practices through IDOCDE, we witness the transformative effects of noting, scribbling, drawing, pondering, and visualizing work of teaching. In the past two years a group of diverse dance artists from all corners of Europe, have developed MIND THE DANCE with the aim to inspire dance teachers towards integrating documentation ideas into their practices – to guide and to give resources for the art of reflective teaching.

In this two-day lab Eszter Gál (HU) and will introduce MIND THE DANCE (2), offer practical work and facilitate discussions on the burning Ulla Makinen issues participants have. They will share their interest and findings of documenting teaching as they present the digital publication and suggest various ways to approach the content of MTD. This may prepare you for your own journey in reflecting upon, sharing, documenting and developing your individual practice. Bring your questions and share your knowledge while using the structure of MIND THE DANCE.

Registration: Please register before 25th of January 2018 by sending an email to

Mind the Dance Lab, Outokumpu is free of charge.
When: 29.1.2018 12-15:00 and 30.1. 9-11:00 and 12-15:00
Where: dance department of Riveria education, Servo, Kummunkatu 26, Outokumpu

1) MIND THE DANCE labs are free and open to anyone inspired by movement and reflection through documentation.

2) MIND THE DANCE (MTD) is a publication of REFLEX Europe, which is a 3-year EU project co-financed by Erasmus+ and 8 European partners. It is a collection of essays, manuals, scores, exercises, and maps; giving voice to a multitude of stances, ideas, and applications in and around documenting movement. It aims to motivate and empower the reader-teacher-artist to use creative documenting to enhance the teaching and artistic practice.

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