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Martin Streit Eligible Member // Teacher

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Mind the Dance Lab

In this two-day lab MIND THE DANCE artists Sabina Holzer and Anouk LLaurens introduce MIND THE DANCE – artistic ways to reflective dance (teaching) documentation. Each day they offer a different use of the tools and methods found within the digital publication of, with specific awareness to attention, poetry, writing, moving and drawing. This introduction will prepare you for your own journey in reflecting upon, sharing, documenting and developing your individual practice in dance. Bring your questions and share your knowledge while using the structure of MIND THE DANCE. Peer to peer we will get a grip upon the myriad possibilities of the publication and encourage you to develop further with it in your context.
The MIND THE DANCE labs are part of REFLEX Europe, co-funded by Erasmus+ of the EU and thus are free of charge. Register in time to secure your space!

21.07. + 22.07.2018
12:10 - 14:40 + 17:30 - 20:00
Arsenal B

MIND THE DANCE is a collection of essays, manuals, scores, exercises, and maps; giving voice to a multitude of stances, ideas, and applications in and around documenting movement. It aims to motivate and empower the reader-teacher-artist to use creative documenting to enhance your teaching and artistic practice.

The labs, hosted by REFLEX Europe*, are an opportunity to learn together about this digital publication. They offer tools to apply within your own practice. Taking part in a MIND THE DANCE lab, that are taking place throughout Europe, are prerequisites for the MIND THE DANCE residency that takes place in Week2, whose findings will be shared in the IDOCDE symposium "You Are Here" at ImPulsTanz July 27-29.

MIND THE DANCE labs are open to anyone inspired by movement and reflection through documentation. Its adaptable nature makes it of interest for practitioners from other disciplines.

The results – both of teaching and documentation practices – will contribute to the dialogue with your colleagues, students, and other audiences on and elsewhere. Keep moving, thinking, exploring, sharing, and enjoying the dances. Make your work visible. It is our legacy!

(*) The 3 year long project REFLEX Europe (co-funded by Erasmus+ and 8 European partners) explores the practice of documentation and how it can be utilised in a reflective process in teaching. 11 international dance teachers, movement researchers and artists who jointly reflect and develop proposals on how to support your process in the field of dance / performance teaching and research by artistic documentation.

REFLEX Europe Partner Organisations:
Wiener Tanzwochen | Le Pacifique | ICK Amsterdam | SíN Arts Centre Budapest | Elim Sende Istanbul | K3 - Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg | North Karelia College Outokumpu | Tanzplattform Rhein-Main

The IDOCDE symposium is part of the EU program REFLEX EUROPE.
REFLEX researches and uses documentation as a tool for reflection in order to improve the teaching and to increase the impact on the learners in contemporary dance.

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