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Started by Gitta Wigro // Teacher
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Gitta Wigro // Teacher
MA/MFA for mid-career artists

The London-based MA Creative Practice: Dance Professional Practice was created by Gill Clarke and Kirsty Alexander to provide a space for experienced artists to reflect upon their body of professional experience and its role in their ongoing learning.

Core seminars, classes and workshops are led by artists such as Miranda Tufnell, Eva Karczag, Gaby Agis, and Siobhan Davies.
The course includes two intensive modules which take place in the professional environment of Siobhan Davies Studios in central London, where students engage in intensive studio-based learning experiences with significant artists and a skilled peer group, to deepen their own practice as performers/makers, develop their understanding of a range of research methodologies within the arts, and to pursue their own area of artistic interest through substantial independent research.

The programme advocates a broad definition of dance in dialogue with a wider artistic and cultural context, and embraces a diversity of forms and contexts as emerging through thinking about dance and its practice. It promotes a fluid and productive exchange between theoretical ideas and artistic practice, seeing new ideas and knowledge as emerging through practice and enabling theoretical ideas within and beyond dance to be investigated through movement practice.

Alumni comments about the course:
"It was, without doubt, the most beneficial professional educative programme of study that I have undertaken in my professional/academic career to date. I feel that the Embodied Practice module has laid foundations that will serve the rest of my career progression and academic life.”
"The course is a fantastic and privileged opportunity to identify who and where we are as artists, giving us a secure place to challenge ourselves."

You can find out more about the course via Trinity Laban
or via Independent Dance, which runs the course in partnership with Trinity Laban and Siobhan Davies Dance.

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