IDOCs » [FFTD] What is more worthwhile: the document i created or the act of documenting?
Do you document differently when your goal is not to leave a trace of your work for others but to learn about your work through the attempt to document it?

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Birte Heinecke // Teacher
Documenting to me can be a tool to focus, hence clearing and depening work or simply a sensation. I also learn a lot about myself by becoming aware of what and how I chose to document...

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Elina Ikonen Eligible Member // Teacher
This caught my attention. Your document opens so many ways to read/interpret it. Maybe it is completely different how you see it and how I see it. The Document's one purpose is to represent the past. Still it is always a new presentation at the same time. Many documentations that are done "properly", serve only archives - nobody ever returns to them. I totally appreciate accurate history too! But it is inspiring to see this type of documenting too.

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