IDOCs » Opening and MIND THE DANCE - Documentation Symposium 2017
The openning of the 5th IDOCDE Symposium was also the launch of Mind The Dance.

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The call for the participants was :

Launch with us Mind The Dance, the free online tool & guide for documenting dance (teaching)! Mind The Dance is the free publication of our current EU-supported project REFLEX Europe. Outreach workshops and masterclasses will pop up throughout Europe in the next 12 months. (Ask us if you would like to host one!) Get an introduction to Mind The Dance at the Symposium opening, meet the eleven team members at the REFLEX track events. Explore reflective and artistic practices on dance teaching through the bookbinding session of your favorite ideas in Mind The Dance.

In the attached video, you can find the teaser from the openning of and the openning speach of the Symposium by Kerstin Kussmaul.

Opening and MIND THE DANCE
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