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IDOCs » MIND THE DANCE Lab İstanbul - Sketches of the Sketching Score
Here you can find the audio file of Nicolas Hubert, giving details of his proposition for making drawings/sketches of the bodies moving for utilising later on while taking class notes as participants or plan notes as teachers. We can call this practice "How to make dance sketches..." and the sharing below is primarily for the participants of the lab to recall this specific practice shared in İstanbul.

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You can find the voice recording of Nicolas Hubert (in English) and translations into Turkish by Defne Erdur -- giving the back ground and the details of the practice of the sketch drawing. The focus of the drawing is to remember a combination or recall a memory in a dance class. The full sharing can be found in this link ( or the file m4a below. Some of the drawings of the participants are here to show the variety of the interpretation of the exercise...






















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