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Some reflections on the Mind The Dance Lab at K3 | Zentrum für Choreographie, on June 22 and 23, 2018.

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The Mind The Dance Lab at K3 | Zentrum für Choreographie Hamburg took place with a surprisingly wide range of practitioners - teachers at private dance education institutions, freelance dancers and choreographers, dramaturgs, architects, and a business coach, alltogether 22 participants.

During the two days, we focused on 3 contributions of

Day 1: Kerstin Kussmaul on somatic-oriented strategies of documentation and Sabina Holzer's

Day 2: Friederike Lampert on a self-coaching model by creating your own personal teaching/working map:

Day 1:

Out of a process of automatic writing with fascia in "fascia as narrator", the participants created scores by Sabina Holzer's scratching the script that we used for dancing:


Soothing entanglement
Breath letting go spam
Stand with parallel feet, feel your feet touching the gound let roots grow intoe the floor like a tree. Reach ou with your arms like branches...
Spring back as strong as a kangaroo in a single frictionless, effortless jump change the distance
Announce! Heal disease with import of ginger serve ginger tea
Put a finger in a cup filled with golden liquid colour, and draw a shape on your skin and on another skin.
Say, think and feel a handstand in this order
Move your lips around!
Be a seagull withouth touching the floor but gently comfort it
Catch a fish under your skin
Find a pony and read it superficially
Soothe flexibly
Human to human & human out of human Hide deep in ground under third apple tree.
Open more your bones and go to the right side
Change the direction any time you like!
Enter in a spiral
Feel like you're filled with and made of gold -> more like that
Wonder 3 different times about your belly
I stand up
Arriving - point - pause
Be an angelic creature in a cage
Feel the freedom after captivity

We ended the session with an interesting discussion about methodology: What will arise if don't use fascia as starting point, but another body system (like the skeletal system for example?) Will the results tell us a different story about our bodies' experience?

Day 2:

We had a coaching session and went through the Step by Step Guide 'My personal teaching map'. It appeared that it was possible to adapt the Step by Step Guide to a 'working' map instead of only focussing on teaching. At the end of the session every participant presented his or her drawing and got feedback from the others. By transferring personal working fields into a visual picture many aspects got clearer and it triggered further self-reflection. The participants were motivated to continue using 'My personal teaching(working) map' in regular intervals.








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