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Documentation Lab was realized by Defne Erdur and Dilek Üstünalan, with the intention of making the participating teachers to start reflecting on the idea and function of documentation in a learning/teaching environment. Participants were invited to try different documentation perspectives and discuss about documentation in general.

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Title of the LAB: Documentation Lab

Facilitator(s): Defne Erdur, Dilek Üstünalan

Date - time: 05.08.2018, 18.00-19.00

Inquiry of the LAB (Questions, Propositions):

Practicing a documentation process - both individual and collective - considering different motivations and positions, during a dance class. Discussing the motivations to document and things to pay attention during the documentation process. Finding out creative ways of documentation.

Participants: Dorte Bjerre Jensen, Malaika Sarco-Thomas, Marion Raimirez, Edo Ceder, Rocio Rivera, Daniela Schwarz

Documentors: Defne and Dilek

Flow (scores, exercises, discussions…):

  • Introduction to Documentation - Defne, sharing ideas on documentation as a reflexive practice. Introducing what tools can be used; what roles can be taken during this short session, where the aim is to plant seeds towards documenting dance learning and teaching practices. 
  • Questions - read and reflected by Dilek for taking roles in this short practice.
    1. Who are you? Teacher, professional who comes to training, curator...
    2. What do you wish to share? = out of this week of sharings where we utilized many definitions around professional training... 
    3. Whom do you wish to adress? = who is your potential audience for this sharing?
    4. What tools do you have for sharing/ documenting?
    5. What could be your obstacles along the way?
    6. What are your resources to over come these obstacles? 
    7. Where would you like to realize this sharing / publicize your documents?
  • Discussion: Do you have a documentation practice, what is documentation for you? 2 mins each. 
  • Role Taking: Each participant decided to take different roles during a demo teaching situation:
    1. Malaika and Dotte teaching one after the other 5 mins each as a demo for a co-teaching situation.
    2. Rocio - outside observer (writing - drawing)
    3. Dani - participant
    4. Malaika - participant observer in teaching role
    5. Edo and Marion - associative ways of documenting
    6. Defne - participant - with camera
  • Reflections (discussions,writing, drawings…): 5 mins self-reflection time in drawing, writing or other tools.
  • Collective Sharing Circle : sharing reflective process while others kept on transmitting to the paper in the middle. Creative potential of the collective paper (from writing-drawing on paper to poetry or dance).
  • Discussion : "Why do we make documentation?":


Dilek's Notes on the discussion: (discussion in the Lab-Ending Sharing recording below)

Defne - Documentation action transformed my experience.

  • Teaching: doing what you say vs. teaching by talking only.
  • Video - functioning like a un comfortable student, watching the teacher, trying to understand what we do. Loosing the recording and getting into the experience. Than recording (trying to be analytic again) loosing the experience. 
  • Example of what “I” would not wish documenting would be.
  • Still able to reflect on the teachers way of sharing - talking, doing and talking, going true the experience Malaika almost trying to hold  Dotte when they are talking.
  • I have the videos, I can do a quick edit and write about this dicothomous place I had and make a comment on how I wish these processes do not effect each other and ask the question :How can one be in the experience and still be in the awareness, observation, reflection? analysis? can we anaylyse the water we are in? Dancers as researchers, subjects and objects at the same time?

Marion - read her poetic notes

Dilek - body documentation - sensations onto paper. Representative drawing and keywords.

Edo - why do we document? 

Dotte - talked about the flow 

Rocio - seeing and hearing not interpreting… to have a register..






This document is created based on the consent of all the participating teachers during the contactfestival freiburg Teachers Meeting 2018. 

If for some reason you (as one of the participants of this meeting) changed your mind and wish some or all parts of this document not to be published, please contact


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