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IDOCs » Contact Festival Freiburg 2018 Teachers Meeting 5x5 - 06.08.2018
5x5 simple structure provides a peek into the individual’s life without listening to overwhelming, long life stories. At the TM lists with 5 time slots of 5 minutes each are provided where anyone who wants to talk can sign up to share (teachers & helpers). The topic - what you find important to share with the group of teachers - is up to you. It can be the project you are currently working on, teaching issues, life/work struggles as well as statements and personal stories.

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The pictures in this idoc are taken by Defne Erdur, keyword resumes are collected by Defne Erdur. Full content of the sharings can be found as voice recordings at the end of the idoc.


Filip Wencki - 

Dancing together. Body - capabilities of body - but there is a mind. What if we split those two.

I dance with my body but with Bryce’s mind.

Complementary technique to his CI teaching.

Destroys the democracy of a dance.

Ideal material for encounter. He wants to have people to go and talk to.



Stephan Veselinovic -

Reflects back to life. 

Being sincere and true to himself. In terms of not faking contact. 

Letting go. Not touching and having contact. Space of awareness. You need to be very aware in CI. He would likes to work on.

Track emotions and abstract the movement. 

Stress - few months ago in Serbia. New age movement - stress is bad and we can run away from stress?

It always finds me. Try to go to learn thru it. 

Try to establish contact with someone these could be useful.

I am constantly loosing and finding myself. 

Everyday in life - no matter how I try to be trained. 

Try and experience and research a bit - loosing and finding myself. 



Manuela Blanchard -

Water therapy - watsu. 

Why not use improvisation in water. 

Contact Improvisation - form is interactive.

Passivity is blessing when you are in water as the receiver.

Regression before birth etc. is a potential.

Researching? That state of letting go and dreaming but you are also totally present.

Being blind. 

Can I teach that differently than I learned.  

4 modules.

For people : Not afraid of water. Body work in water. Dancers. 12 people. 

How can I…. principles for everybody… 

3.45 min. 

How to create waves in the space in the studio. 

Interaction with someone.

Try not to use words… Let them invent new ones.

People are so creative. I do not want to get a copy of me.

I want to see things developing.

Question : How to work people having different levels?



Barbara Stahlberger -

How can we open up for the improvising - for all the people to come into that space. 

Where do I want to go?

How to make space for that?

How to lift the awareness of improivsation in CI.

Teaching is - one specific part… Giving ideas…

Open space where things can emerge?!

How we can integrate that into the festival.

Shared practice space? 

Struggles : 

Afternoon jam.

Without minimizing the teaching.

Where can I research?

How can we make it more accessible with out minimizing the others. 

What pulls you into such a space?

'hat are your strategies? PAPER in the space 



Romain Bige - 

School of Real Time(s) - Joao

Consider improvisers - alternative time.

Faculty of speak out of time.

Idea is to question where that out of time leads us?

What is the time that improvisation is leaving off.

We have a conviction - we live in a fake time.

Time of clocks. It is fake. It is a fabricated. Illusion of time.

Because it is equal to itself.

Hours last weeks, some weeks last a second - felt experience. time is durations, rhythms, speeds.

They are different improv techniques that lead us to think of different times.

The fakeness of it… Different speeds of attention are happening. Depending where you are, you attention.

Topology - arrow of time (Joao ) way of representing time. Other topologies of time. 

Writing is influincing us in thinking linearly.

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