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This is a report of a workshop (in German) that I held at Tanzquartier Wien at the occasion of a Peer-to-peer-exchange organized by the Phd network TQW DOC and supported by the ÖH of the Academy of Applied Arts Vienna.

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Workshop description:

My current aesthetics of performances is based on the notion of an intimate encounter in a shared space. The skill of performers, that enables creating such a space, is what I would like to refer to as vulner-ability – as the capability to share an intimate state of being.

In performances based on autobiographic material, like ‛Hunter’ from Meg Stuart, or ‛It is a balancing act to live without your attention’ from Philipp Gehmacher, the threatening fragility, and the edgy inconsistencies of (their) identities are revealed. These pieces expose and sensitize their audience to the silent gaps within broken narratives by taking them right there - in this zone of discomfort.

In this workshop, I aim at providing a space in which we can investigate the role of vulner-ability in performative practices, theoretically as well as practically.

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