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Anouk LLaurens Eligible Member // Teacher
IDOCs » TTT meeting Brussels/ Ana Stegnar Class : Is documentation intrusive ?
Ana Stegnar integrated documentation in her class. She made two groups: one was going on with a movement score and the other was documenting with electronic devices ( iPad, video camera, camera and sound recorder). I took some pictures.

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TTT meeting/ Ana Stegar class/ Antwerp/ June 2, 2013.


Ana Stegnar class was a combination of dynamic exercises, personal movement explorations, stretching  and relaxation,  influenced mainly by  Body Whether, Skinner Releasing Technique  , Yoga and Instant composition. It was about letting go, confronting resistances, deepening awareness , tracking  internal process, relationship , generosity and  exchange.

 It was the first time for Ana to integrate documentation in her class.  After the experiment, she was curious about how people felt from the mover and documentor's point of view. Documentation being intrusive is one topic that came up during our exchange.

I mentionned one of Deborah Hays's  performance practice: " Inviting being seen" , saying that  danse documention, could be considered as a performance practice.  

In my reserach about danse documentation called "Visions",  i am interrested in establishing a dialogue between movers and documentators and also between the documentator and its device. How to integrate the machine as another kind of sensitive extention of the documentator , is one of the question that i am busy with. I believe that the electronic  devices,  can become a  partner to dance with and that documenting can be a way of dancing. 

During Ana's class , I was with my photo camera. As i was opening my eyes, I got a lot of information from the person recording sounds. (I had totally forgotten about sounds.) Maya was filming/ dancing with an Ipad. She had to hold it with both hands and engage with her center. The Ipad became a kind of a moving mirror that was sending back informations to the space.I  took pictures of peoples, space and of the dialogue between humans and machines. Some pictures are blurry but I like them anyway. 

 Pictures 2: Juliana Neves - 3: Maya Dalinsky and Robert Hayden - 5: Robert Hayden

 This is my opinion , what is yours ?  


TTT stands for Teaching The Teachers . It is an initiative from Jardin d'Europe which aims at giving an answer to a European dance scene in need of new teaching and training methods in the field of Contemporary Dance, taking into account the various forms enriching dance creation nowadays, such as dramaturgy, scenography, lighting, visual arts practices, transforming movement into film/image, dance photography. Respective activities e.g. workshops, lasting each of them about ten days - are taking place at the relevant intiatives/venues of the participating co-organisers (Ultima Vez for Brussels


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Kerstin Kussmaul Eligible Member // Teacher
hi anouk, great photos! very unusual ones.could you also please mention ana's full name? and the context and date of the class..?? thank you! kerstin

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