This idoc includes the video documentation of Imani Rameses and Alain Caillau's Symposium presentation, and other documentation created by the authors. Caillau, founder of the EXPERIMENTALBODY Lab (the public space improv laboratory based in Toulouse FR) and Rameses, founder of (re)Public the public space improv laboratory based in Vienna) are inviting you to a subtle celebration of living spaces. Participants will be given a series of proposals to guide them as they lay down the flags in an unspoken declaration of everything. During the practice, the participants are asked to perceive the sidewalk, the streets, the squares, and the park bench as places of collective ownership. The participants can share their experiences in a digital archive to be later discussed and presented at the group's virtual meetings. Together we shall take notice of "what is ours" as a way of celebrating the ever-present vitality offered in the spaces we inhabit every day.

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About laying down the flags
Flags are subtle and gentle messages embody in matter
Flags are fragile, ephemeral as human life, Flags are offered to the space and to the people, they will stay in the place and live there life after the practice.
We as performers are also flags.
Laying down the flags is already a performance.
Laying down the flags can be considered as a ritual or a spiritual practice.
Laying down the flags is a transformative practice that transforms space and therefore the people crossing the space.
Laying a flag can be considered a magical practice in the sense that flags give space new subtle properties.
Laying down the flags is a serious and also a funny practice, it is advisable to do it while smiling.


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