IDOCs » 9th SYMPOSIUM documentation #BestPracticesInContemporaryDance
This idoc includes the video documentation of Jorge Guevara and Naoto Heida's Symposium presentation, and other documentation created by the authors.

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dear Jorge, dear Naoto,

this is pavle writing.

embedded in this document is the video documentation of your presentation at the 2021 IDOCDE Symposium. please take a look at the video, before deciding whether you'd like to share it publicly, with members of the IDOCDE community, or not at all. at this very moment, it is only you, me, and Klass who have access to this document.

if you choose to share this document with the members of the community or the general public, please feel free to edit the content of this idocde adding your reflections, documentation (photography and writing and audio), etc.

please, let me know (by sending me an idocde message or an email) if and when you're ready to make the document public and i'll make all the necessary adjustments. thank you!

to access the video, please use this password:

till soon,


naoto: thank you so much for this! I haven't watched everything, but Jorge and I basically open all the video material to public so it's fine with me to publish online to general public.

jorge: I love the contrast between the good quality of the sound! & low resolution of the video! great, thanks for this IDOCDE team. it was a wonderful experience! 


video edited by Klaas Devos

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