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How to re-member your body and your movements. How it feels to be the dance. A reflection on how I see myself as a "teacher".

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We are being taught, being learned. The way we move. The way we transform energetic space into physical space. And it is learning from us. How to better support us. How to be more involved in our lives when we need it. It is the cycle. Dance teaches so much. One cannot teach the dance, one cannot learn the dance. One is the dance. Once this awareness is felt in our bodies we are boundless, free to create, to transform and manifest. To achieve oneness with the Self. It wants to be connected, received, and given away. What has dance taught me? To be still. To be everything and nothing. 

When I teach dance, the knowledge is not mine, it does not come from me. I am simply translating the language that you already know. When you understand, and not with your mind, but when you are feeling the space and the placement of your body, you are just re-membering.

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