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Made by Nowa Huta Cultural Centre (Krakow, PL) One of the three video documentation is made in the frame of the project titled 'LIFELONG ART IN V4 COUNTRIES'. In the Polish language with English subtitles.

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The video is available here:

The project aims to increase the representation of senior citizens in contemporary performing arts communities in Visegrad countries. The collaboration of a Czech and a Polish cultural center and a Hungarian foundation creates programs for seniors and thus makes the cultural offering of the regions better fit the population. 

The central element of the project is a 14-week program where local artists co-create with seniors. It runs parallely in the three countries in Olomouc, Budapest and Krakow, and includes artistic coaching, creation and sharing of experiences. The program participants experience artistic creation through various disciplines such as contemporary dance, acting, music, voice and experimental practices, which can contribute to well-being and personal fulfilment. In addition, having a more diverse community around each organization fosters intergenerational dialogue and understanding. 

Creators: Barbara Bujakowska, Karol Miękina, Łukasz Laxy
Cast: Zuzanna Bień, Jacek Dyląg, Urszula Kłosowska, Marta Kuklicz
Grażyna Kuświk, Grażyna Ladra, Ewa Michałowicz, Bogumiła Simińska, Wojciech Skowronek, Janina Zarzycka-Bem
Project coordinator: Dorota Kawęcka
Production: Krakow Choreographic Centre - Nowa Huta Cultural Centre

Premiere: 02-08-2022, Krakow Dance Festival.

The programme was supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

More info on the project:

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