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IDOCs » experimental anatomy into sharing the dance
class description for morning session during idocde-symposium july 2013 in vienna

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- FULL NAME:    jan burkhardt



- KEY TEACHER/mentor  for K3 Hamburg


- TITLE OF THE ACTIVITY:  experimental anatomy into sharing the dance

- DETAILED CONTENT DESCRIPTION (300 words or more):  

experimental anatomy into sharing the dance
we practice to open sources of sensation in our bodies through tuning into specific anatomical systems. once sensitized, we explore movement possibilities, situations with partners and our relationship with space. 
from there we are fine tuning and tracking our physical research, emotional journey and mind of abstraction. 
the aim is to bring us into a state of immediacy and to communicate with partners and space from a somatic basis that we can always (re-)access.
besides the experience of this process we will also shine a light on how the transmission from somatic sensation to spatial and emotional communication can happen, what we need in order for it to work, what supports this bridge, what inhibits it?


Jan Burkhardt is a dancer, choreographer and musician. for many years his main focus has been to bridge somatic information and communication.  Living and working in Berlin, he both nationally and internationally cooperates with various artists and companies. Beyond creating his own projects , since 2007 jan has been collaborating with theater director and choreographer Laurent Chétouane and since 2010 with Sebastian Matthias.

 jan regularly teaches at tanzfabrik berlin, HZT berlin, ponderosa tanzland festival and at K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg, and in association with K3 he is mentor in the european dance documentation network IDOCDE. he further is invited as guest teacher in various institutions throughout europe. 


open level/background ;  max. 40 participants


-  TIME REQUEST      75 min                                                                                                                                                                

- TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS (audio, beamer etc):     hifi                                                                                                                                                                              

- SPACE NECESSITY (studio size etc):  not too small...                                                                                                                        



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