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Carol Brown
Currently based: Auckland, NZL
Works as: Dancer, choreographer, researcher.
Key interests: Inter-disciplinary collaborations; feminist & queer theory and architecture.

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Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki
Currently based: Vienna, AUT
Works as: performing artist, dancer, choreographer, dance teacher
Key interests: dance education, art and politics

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Sara De Santis
Currently based: Wien, AUT
Works as: teacher, dancer, choreographer, performer
Key interests: Dance, education

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Alina Tretinjak
Currently based: Vienna, AUT
Works as: dancer, dance teacher, visual artist, filmographer
Key interests: dance documentation and visualisation

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Johanna Nielson
Currently based: Vienna, AUT
Works as: dancer, performer, pedagogue
Key interests: experimenting with perception and translations between medias. open, shared practices and formats.

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Rayen Mitrovich Paniagua
Currently based: Santiago, CHL
Works as: Dancer, Choreographer, Researcher, Movement teacher
Key interests: Contemporary dance, performance, community, philosophy, body research, aesthetics, interdisciplinary

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Joana Chicau
Currently based: Rotterdam, NLD
Works as: designer, researcher, performer
Key interests: choreography, media design, computer science, embodied cognition

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Marianna (Μαριάννα) Panourgia (Πανουργιά)
Currently based: Piraeus, GRC
Works as: Contemporary dance teacher - Ethnochoreologist
Key interests: Contemporary dance training, pedagogy, education and culture

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Julija Pečnikar
Currently based: Budapest, HUN
Works as: student
Key interests: motion triggers, documenting (movement) materials in thesis format

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Gwen Rakotovao
Currently based: Paris, FRA
Works as: Dancer, choreographer, educator.
Key interests: Dance, connections, culture, rituals, research

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Laura Unger
Currently based: Vienna, AUT
Works as: dancer, choreographer, dance historian
Key interests: (dance) archives, folk dance+nationalism, biographic narratives, institutional critique

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Curio Kitheca
Currently based: LJUBLJANA, SVN
Works as: researcher of playfulness and kinesthetic-physical intelligence
Key interests: research, play, dance, choreography, social, kinesthetic, movement

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Klaas freek Devos
Currently based: Brussels, BEL
Works as: Researcher, tutor/mentor, workshop facilitator, choreographer/performer
Key interests: embodied knowledge, queer phenomenology, contemporary and abstract dance, performance

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CIRP Paris
Currently based: Paris, FRA
Works as: Collaborative Group
Key interests: Contact Improvisation, Research, Interdisciplinarity

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agnes schneidewind
Currently based: brussels / vienna, BEL
Works as: editor, performer, cranio-sacral practitioner (in education), ...
Key interests: somatic practices, performance, philosophy

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Johanna Henritius
Currently based: Nice, FRA
Works as: Dancer, researcher
Key interests: research, somatics, spirituality, energetic bodies

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Agnese Krivade
Currently based: Joensuu, FIN
Works as: freelance writer & somatic educator
Key interests: Writing, performance, experience design, somatics, CI, improvisation, poetry, process, scores

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Serafín Mesa García
Currently based: Málaga, ESP
Works as: Design, netart and Anatomy teacher at Fine Arts in Málaga University
Key interests: Motion animation, videodance, contemporary dance teaching, drawing

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Gyula Cserepes
Currently based: Budapest, HUN
Works as: Choreographer, dancer, teacher
Key interests: Rhythm, musicality, coordination, motoric skills, flow, energy

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Claire Granier Blaschke
Currently based: Vienna, AUT
Works as: Symposium Coordinator
Key interests: Dance, Management